How to Reset Virtual Memory on Windows 10 & 11 (New Method)


How to Reset Virtual Memory on Windows 10 & 11 – Friends, over time, Microsoft keeps updating window 11, due to which your ram uses more resources, so the memory of your Windows pc ram becomes full, that’s why today we are going to tell you how you can create a virtual memory in window 11 computers.

You can reset the memory. If the disk Column is showing 100% in your task manager window 11, then you can easily fix this problem by resetting the window 11 virtual memory. To do window reset virtual memory, you have to read our post from beginning to end.

Benefit of resetting virtual Memory in Window 10 & 11

  • Allows processes to share memory between libraries
  • (a collection of code that provides the foundation for a program’s operations)
  • .Improves security by isolating and segmenting where the computer stores information
  • .Increases the amount of memory available by working outside the limits of a computer’s physical memory space
  • .Optimizes CPU usage
  • .Runs multiple applications at the same time
  •  Frees applications from having to compete for shared memory.


Types of virtual memory


There are two ways of managing virtual memory:-

1. Paging

This type of virtual memory works by separating memory into sections called paging files. When a computer reaches its RAM limits,  it transfers any currently unused pages into the part of its hard drive used for virtual memory. As part of this process,  the computer uses page tables, which translate virtual addresses into the physical addresses that the computer’s memory management unit  (MMU) uses to process instructions.  T

he MMU communicates between the computer’s operating system  (OS) and its page tables. When the user performs a task, the OS  searches its RAM for the processes to conduct the task.  If it can’t find the processes to perform the task in RAM, the  MMU prompts the OS to move the required pages into RAM  and uses a page table to note the new storage location of the pages.




Segmentation is another method of managing virtual memory. A segmentation system divides virtual memory into segments of varying lengths and moves any segments, not in use from the computer’s virtual memory space to its hard drive. Similar to page tables, segment tables track whether the computer is storing the segment in memory or a physical address. However, many casual computer users may prefer a paging system because it automatically handles memory divisions.

How to Reset Virtual Memory on Windows Pro 11

  • To Reset Virtual Memory follow the following steps :-


  • Click on start button (present at the bottom left corner of your desktop)
  • search for the control panel
  • left click on category and then press large icons(it is necessary only when the system icon is not visible)
    Reset Virtual Memory
  • click on system icon.
    AVvXsEiZQnnUCASp8IMCrCQEynUgr4ZLq8s1SQ2Mb1qGiceprmuHs HIsq11bfxKVj6LGOdaF5v PptdO7S4cRmdftjS -
  • Go to advanced system setting tab.
    AVvXsEhcR1RVMwAyC2bf83FqHnR hH09o6QqF82UQ2Im1 x5Ka81jkZTM7oMrahf1hCds6i936SlhmwFyH27H5InsX6Yj8NfMKbLSONY0nn1KBSb DdQ5kBEA7J5TqVpTHfZyG8yelLzdfFSOYvecAUBQP9U179SvtOUniHjoJJTi 08OnuUCvbAN LBsTqQ=s320 -
  • A system properties box will appear
  • now click on advance icon
    AVvXsEhSmNf2kddGfe3fqXyRjVR6tXCR67 xulXMAURsjnk3opk5Dh v0TPutkXCAi2AKIgCc 28lLdnCBAB0rCgc 1SwF9a1IBs p7rhXG70J5WvgQ obR3OAyT5uC6wUroFNjxnu -


  • on the performance bar click on settings
    AVvXsEjTq060NqBqgZNUXFB6DLcl1jb OrJBF64h7yXAZjS3kgX57KwYD2qE2vtIy93KtmxGXSscPfmLy1Y2kbs V2 iVRO0hPjUhr8mr8D9zZ 8YTPAzsdbyX92Mca4f6Nf5M nxCMXH510503xPcOVx99622Ey1 nKEHiTnl310Aa1AKh49 1ictSIFkURdQ=s320 -


  • A performance option box will appear
  • Now go to advance icon.
    AVvXsEiL3NPluKoMFmS8FP2fXBVBEqMBAdbhsTOtbLYUNj eiwDo0hTIzmiR5YMOtHVwA0v6zDPat97rE5WQGn4xBzekblh9neQTqRWW -


  • under the virtual memory option click on change.
    AVvXsEgYUoHj09Zb0FrBrLw49XeMiwfGDAPP -


  • You can see your currently allocated total paging file size for all drives.
  • Now click on automatically manage paging file size for all drives and make sure Tick mark is not visible in the box.
  • Click on custom size.
    AVvXsEj2tQI4eCuL9NHQ9cp 0A0ZpxD6ka9BzJIlGxaXNi1gaB8XiI3nS8chdOhAGE6a45cciX9cKLLTh74yo C6 3BCI4yNEjiJY5FeFvzxjp8UsbO5DCIAxStMibdXUOOzXk xf4gZzV -
  • fill your initial size(MB).Write only the given recommended paging file size for all drives. For example – i set my intial size – 1413 & Maxium size – 4096

 the formula of calculating the correct pagefile size in window 11. The Initial size is one and a half (1.5) x the amount of total system memory. The Maximum size is three (3) x the initial size. So let’s say you have 4 GB (1 GB = 1,024 MB x 4 = 4,096 MB) of memory. The initial size would be 1.5 x 4,096 = 6,144 MB and the maximum size would be 3 x 6,144 = 18,432 MB.”

  • AVvXsEhYQsTYTKTVjXKrXpbWxXNw YMw2iBtjfL0axxQZjigBypfXkL5CBZjR8Q3bEip22pohUzFHlRzw7NIE bJxbdlGxkZOutdoJoI0gBxBRnqIwx 10hrFCwKRpDS3P0CUzNrwn -
  • fill the maximum size(MB) of your device (note;do not write it in GBs) you can use your calculator if you want to.
    AVvXsEidpNgKXve5jtxUrjaiXWCJf37XDACxHv419tDbxfaZCArCEHUynRhc TCb -
  • click on set.
  • now click on OK and then click on apply.
  • restart your pc and changes will get applied on your pc.

What Does Resetting Virtual Memory Do?

By resetting virtual memory can decrease window’s ram usage.

What Is the Windows 11 Virtual Memory Size?

Windows 11 Virtual Memory Size is 4 GB (1 GB = 1,024 MB x 4 = 4,096 MB) of memory. The initial size would be 1.5 x 4,096 = 6,144 MB and the maximum size would be 3 x 6,144 = 18,432 MB.

What Is the Windows 11 Virtual Memory Best Settings

Click this link to get the best Windows 11 Virtual Memory setting.

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