iPhone X : Battery Backup Time, Battery Replacement Cost, battery fix

iPhone X Battery Replacement Cost, iPhone X Battery Backup Time –A lot of people will have iPhone X but after a few years, the battery backup problem starts in the iPhone battery. Due to low battery backup,

we are able to use the iPhone only for a few hours, due to which we have to change the battery of the iPhone, and many times it happens that even after the iPhone battery health is fine, we get the iPhone battery service message.

So today we will teach you to turn off the iPhone battery service message that came by mistake, and also we will give complete information about the iPhone x battery price.

What Is the Average iPhone X Battery Backup Time

First of all, let us know that there are three categories of iPhone users, first, those who use their i phone as normal those in the second category are people Those who use their iPhone X the rough way such as active on social media platforms, and the third category includes people who take iPhone x for gaming.

what will be iPhone X Battery Backup Time for 1st category peoples.

iPhone users falling in this category can hardly get to see 1 day of battery backup. For people in this category, the iPhone X battery will usually be 10 to 15% by 8:09 pm.

what will be iPhone X Battery Backup Time for 2nd category peoples.

In the second category, iPhone users who are more active on social media on their phone such as Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter Instagram, Taking photos & editing them, watching videos on YouTube Such iPhone users need to charge their iPhone twice a day.

what will be Iphone X Battery Backup Time for 3rd category peoples.

Talking about iPhone gamers in the third category, if a gamer plays BGMI game on his iPhone x for half an hour, then battery drop will be seen around 15% if iPhone x user play game continuously for 15 to 20 minutes in your iPhone then he will find the heating problem in iPhone x.

Iphone X Battery Replacement Cost

iPhone XA$ 109
iPhone XS MaxA$ 109
iPhone XRA$ 109
iPhone XSA$ 109

How to fix the Battery Health Service message even if the battery is 80%

Many times it happens to people that even when the battery health of the iPhone is 80%, the battery health service message starts coming, but we will tell you a simple solution by which you will be able to fix this problem.

  • If there is any pending software update in your iPhone, then update your iPhone, your iPhone battery service message will be closed easily.
  • If this method does not work, Then force to restart your iPhone
  • If the second method also does not work, then open your iPhone’s settings, then go to the bottom and open the battery option, there you will see the option of low power mode, turn it off then put your iPhone on charging When the battery of the iPhone becomes 80%, then remove the iPhone from charging, then turn on the low power mode again, your problem will be solved.
  • If the third method also does not work, then open the setting of the iPhone again, select the General key option, there you will see the option of background and refresh, click on it.
    iPhone X Battery Replacement Cost, iPhone X Battery Backup Time
  • There, close all the apps that are being refreshed in the background, just by doing this your iphone battery service message will stop.


If you want to get the iPhone X battery changed, then you can get it done by going to Apple’s authorized service center. If your Apple iPhone is under warranty then you will not have to pay any charges for getting the battery changed. If your iPhone is out of warranty then you will have to pay the following battery replacement service charges.


When to change iPhone X battery

when the battery health of the iPhone x iPhone x goes below 80% then the battery backup gets low and many people get the battery changed when the battery health reaches up to 80%. if your iPhone X battery Health drops below 80% and you get to see good battery backup then you can use that battery. If your iPhone battery is less than 80% and your iPhone suddenly turns off frequently or you see heating, then you should replace the iPhone battery.

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