Intel Uhd Graphics 630 Gaming List

Intel Uhd Graphics 630 Gaming List (2022)

Intel UHD Graphics 630 Gaming List – So hello Friends welcome to our new Article today I am going to Tell You “Intel UHD Graphics 630 Gaming List”.in this article we will tell the best 35 games that are compatible with intel UHD Graphics 630 and All 35 best pc games gives good fps on this graphic card which makes the gaming experience very good. For complete information of Intel UHD Graphics 630 Gaming, read our post beginning to end.

Intel Uhd Graphics 630 Gaming List

So Friends there are 36 best  high quality intel uhd 630 graphic card games compatible With Intel UHD Graphics 630 And I can bet you will definitely enjoy this games. So let’s start with our first game.

NumberIntel Uhd Graphics 630 Gaming List
1Hitman series upto Hitman 2
2Assassin’s Creed series upto Blackflag & Rogue
3 Call of Duty series upto Infinite Warfare
4 Far Cry series upto Far Cry: New dawn
5Metro Redux (2 games; remastered)
6Battlefield series upto BF1
7 Apex legends, World of Warships
8 Inside
9Splinter Cell series upto Blacklist
10Rainbow Six series upto Rainbow Six Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
11FIFA upto FIFA17
12PES upto PES18
13 WWE 15
14NBA upto NBA2K15
15 Unravel
16 Little Nightmares
17Resident Evil series upto Resident Evil 2: Remake
1812 minutes
19 Batman Arkham series upto Arkham Origins
20 Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
21 Alan Wake
22 Sleeping Dogs
23 Mafia 1 & 2
24 Cuphead
25 Darksouls 1,2&3
26 Medal of Honour series upto Warfighter
27. Just Cause 1 & 2
28 Sniper Elite Series upto Sniper Elite 3
29 Max Payne series upto Max Payne 3
30 Ryse: Son of Rome
31 Telltale Games: Wolf Among Us
32 Telltale Games: The Batman & The Batman: Enemy Within
33 Every single game from the Transformers series
34 God of War Series upto God of War 3
35Every single game from the Prince of Persia

Specifications Of Intel Uhd Graphics 630

  • Intel UHD Graphics 630 is a high-definition graphics processor from Intel.
  • The Intel UHD Graphics 630 (GT2) is an integrated graphics card that may be found in a variety of Coffee-Lake desktop and notebook processors.
  • The GPU’s “GT2” version has 24 Execution Units (EU’s), with clock speeds varying depending on the CPU model. The UHD 630 must use the main memory (2x 64-bit DDR3L-1600 / DDR4-2133) because it lacks separate graphics memory or an eDRAM cache. The newer UHD GPU is identical to the older HD Graphics 630 (Kaby-Lake) GPU, however it can be clocked somewhat faster.

Intel Uhd Graphics 630 gaming Performance

The actual performance of the UHD Graphics 630 is determined by a number of factors, including TDP, L3 Cache, memory (DDR3/DDR4), and the model’s highest clock rate. It should, however, perform similarly to the HD Graphics 530 and HD Graphics 630, making it only suitable for low-demand titles like Overwatch or Farming Simulator 2017. (low details).

Intel Uhd Graphics 630 Features

Because the UHD 630’s capabilities are identical to those of the HD 630, the H.265/HEVC Main10 profile with 10-bit color depth is supported in hardware. Furthermore, all processors support HDCP 2.2, which enables 4K Netflix films, for example. However, HDMI 2.0 can only be used with an external converter chip (LSPCon).

Intel UHD Graphics 630 Gaming Requirement Analysis

Overview Intel UHD Graphics 630 is an integrated graphics chip found in select Coffee Lake processors. Architecture The Coffee Lake Architecture replaces the Kaby Lake Architecture and attempts to improve CPU and graphics performance while keeping power consumption low. DirectX 12.1, OpenCL 2.1, and OpenGL 4.6 are all supported, as well as DDR4 Memory Support. GPU The core unit operates at 300MHz at first, increasing to 1150MHz in Turbo Mode.The GT2 GPU has 184 Shader Processing Units, 23 TMUs, and three ROPs for memory speed.

The operational memory clock is determined by the pace at which the system’s RAM is running and the type of memory installed, and is ultimately limited by the processor’s maximum operating speed. It can access either a 64-bit or 128-bit Memory Interface depending on whether the System’s RAM is Dual-Channeled. Buffer for Memory Frames The GPU shares the RAM allocated to the system, which varies depending on the system. The GPU may set aside up to 1.7 GB of memory.

Last Words

Friends, today we gave you information about Intel UHD Graphics 630 gaming performance and gaming list. You can play the upcoming games in 2019 and 2020 in good quality through this graphic card, and the new game can be played by keeping it on low quality.


What Is the Intel Uhd Graphics 630 Price?

Due to which it is present in most laptops, so to buy this graphic card, you have to buy a laptop. This graphic card is usually found in the range of ₹40,000 to ₹50000 laptops.

What Is the Intel UHD Graphics 630 Memory Size

Max Video Memory size of Intel UHD Graphics 630 is 64 GB.

What Is the Intel UHD Graphics 630 Resolution

Intel UHD Graphics 630 supports 280×720, 366×768, 1600×900 resolution.

Is Intel UHD Graphics 630 good for gaming

Intel UHD Graphics 630 Graphic card for gaming is average, and this graphic card can run many games comfortably at 720p.

what would be a good upgrade Intel UHD Graphics 630

Radon 5700 or 5600  graphic cards are the best choice to upgrade from Intel UHD Graphics 630.

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