How to use Rufus to install Windows 10 & 11

 Hey Everyone. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can make a card reader bootable and Install Windows.

So, let’s start with our topic:

  • How to make bootable card reader to
  • install windows.

1. First we connect our SD Card with Computer, then we required windows ISO File and Rufus

named software.

2. Then we have to run the Rufus software and click on the select the image option behind the FreeDOS option.

3. Then find the required Windows ISO file and click open.

4. After choosing the ISO File click on the Start Option and then Ok.

5. First it will format your SD card which took around 30-40 minutes.

6. After completion, we will disconnect the SD Card and will again connect it to the computer.

7. Now, Restart your computer, while restarting we have to press the DEL key + F2 simultaneously.

8. Now choose, BIOS Feature

9. Choose Hard Disk Drive and press Enter, and in 1st Drive choose the USB option.

10. And choose SATA in the 2nd Drive option.

11. Now choose Boot Device Priority and in ist Drive choose USB option and for 2nd Drive

choose CD/DVD option.

12. Now press F10 and click OK.

13. Now press any key to boot from USB.

14. Now you can choose desired Language, Time, and Currency format, Keyboard, or input method and click on Next. And click on Install Now.

15. Click on I don’t have a Product Key. Option

16. Now choose your desired Operating system Click next and choose I accept the License terms.

17. Click on next and then choose install.

18. Now, Format the Drive 0 Partition 1 file.

19. Click Next.

20. After completion of installing your windows is installed.

21. Now choose Use Express settings in getting the Going Fast dialogue box.

22. Now enter Username and Password. Click Next.

23. Then choose the Not Now option.

How To Install Windows on your PC through your bootable Pen Drive:

1. Shut Down Your PC and then press your Boot Key.

2. And then choose your Boot Option as your Pen Drive that will be named as removable disk or

something name that you may have to give it.

3. And then click on it and press enter.

4. Then, after a boot load. You will see some installation processes.

5. Just choose your installation languages and all and then click on next.

6. Then click on Install.

7. Then, put your Windows Activation Key; if you don’t have it then click on the option “I don’t have


8. Now! Choose whatever version of windows you would like to install on your pc.

9. Then, accept the terms and conditions and click on next.

10. Now! You will see a custom option to select partitions on your PC.

11. Just format the partition where you want to install your windows and format it.

12. Just select it and click on next.

13. Within a few seconds your new Windows will start installing on your PC.

14. After a few hours! Your Windows will be ready to install. Just don’t forget to remove your

bootable card reader.

15. Now! Just restart your PC and your Windows will run successfully.

16. Once your PC gets started successfully. You will see some windows configuration of Timing and all

stuff. That’s it!


Things To Keep in Mind:

• You must have enough space to copy all the files in your

memory card.

• You must plug your laptop with power while Installation

of Windows.

• Safely format the partition of your Disk Drivers and

don’t format your card reader.

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