How to enable or disable location in Mozilla Firefox and Chrome Browser

 Hey Everyone! In this article, we are going to cover the steps that you have to follow if you want to enable or disable location in Mozilla Firefox and Chrome Browser

What is Location Sharing in Mozilla Firefox?

  • Location Sharing is an option that allows a user to share their location or block their location access to any third-party sites and keep them secure by just using allow or block button in Mozilla Firefox.
  • And this location sharing feature is also available in Mozilla Firefox which is one of the top nodge browsers security-wise.

Why Is Location Sharing Needed?

  • The location Sharing feature is needed for some government applications to access your genuine location IP and it is also useful in accessing Maps online if you are lost or just want to know the exact location of someone.
  • Sometimes, it is necessary on some online websites to access your location because they have to deliver your food to your exact location within an hour. That’s why these websites require you to allow them to give access to view your location.

How to turn on and off Location sharing in Mozilla firefox

1. Open the browser, in the address bar type about: config then, press enter.

2. Dialogue box appears, click on the button I’ll be careful, I promise

3. Then, in the search bar type geo. enabled.

4. Then double click to switch the value: True- so sites can see your location. False- so sites can not get your location.

How To Turn On/Off Location Requestin Mozilla Firefox?

1. Open Mozilla Firefox.

2. Then, clear data of your Mozilla Firefox

3. And then visit that website; where you want to grant permission or


4. Then within a few seconds a popup will appear on your screen asking for

a location request.

5. Just click on Allow or Block according to your need.

How To Disable Location Tracking in Mozilla Firefox?

1. Open your Mozilla Firefox and then click on the top right 3 bars.

2. Find preferences or Options. Then, click on Privacy & Security

3. Then, scroll down until you see the location option.

4. Click on any website that you would like to disable from accessing your


5. Then, click on save settings and restart your browser.

How to do Location Sharing in Google Chrome and Why?

Location Sharing information is a must share with you all

because Google Chrome is one the most used browser all over

the globe.

There are 2 methods through which you can accept or decline

the permission of any website you want.

Method 1:

1. Open the browser and go to privacy and security.

2. Click on sites. And choose the website that you want

to configure.

3. Then, tick or untick its location permission.

4. Done!

Method 2:

1. Just visit the website that is asking for location


2. Then, a dialogue box will appear and it will be asking for

your location sharing access.

3. Just choose to allow or block according to your needs.

4. That's it.


Hope! Now you know how to grant permission of your location sharing to any third party websites in chrome and Mozilla Firefox You must always take back that granted access to your location before disclosing your Mozilla Firefox because that can lead you into trouble if the other person's intentions are not so good. Because leaving enable of location sharing permission of any website can be harmful because you never know which website trade your information with someone else.

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