Best Android software for PC Suites 2022

            Best Android software for PC Suites 2022

Smartphones have become our lifelines. We cannot live a single day without our cell phones. All thanks to the internet. As we rely on our phones for everything, it has become imperative to manage them well. This includes backing up our phone data, downloading and uploading to the PC, and keeping the phone organized. 


Transferring data between our smartphone and PC can be easily done with the help of useful programs called Android PC Suites. This android software links your smartphone to your PC through a USP port and allows you to use and manage all device functions. We can say that these programs help us to access our mobile devices via PC.


So here are Android Programs that can enable you to access your mobile device via PC



MobileGO by Wondershare is one of the most popular Android Software for the PC suite with distinctive features, exceptionally powerful tools, and a user-friendly interface. It allows you to integrate your Android device with your computer so that you can take a backup of your data including contact lists, messages, call logs, and transfer media files like music, pictures, and videos. 

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Another popular Android software for PC suite is Airdroid. It is a free android software that helps you manage your Android phone through a web browser on a computer. Airdroid is a unique software that doesn’t require a USB cable to connect to your computer and is linked through your wifi connection. Hence you can safely transfer your files and data wirelessly in a secured environment. Also, it has a unique feature that enables you to answer your call from your PC without even physically using your phone. 



Mobiledit by Compelson labs is another Android PC suite software that helps you sync your smartphone or tablet with your PC. It supports a wide range of android devices from basic models to the latest smartphones. Just like Airdroid, you can connect your phone to your PC via wifi. You can also connect it using Infrared, Bluetooth, or even using a USB cable if none of the three wireless options works. 

Droid Explorer


Droid Explorer is another PC suite that helps you manage your Android device using an interface that closely resembles Windows explorer which makes data management even easier than before. 


Just like other PC suites, it can perform all basic functions such as managing and backing up important data such as messages, contacts, images, and other essential files on your phone through your computer. 

91 PC Suite


91 PC Suite by Netdragon is a free phone manager and backup app. This app is also credited to be the first such Android software that supports various mobile operating systems namely Android, IOS, Windows, Wince, and Symbian system via USB cable. It performs all the basic functions of a PC suite efficiently.  

MoboRobo Android Manager


Another popular and powerful Android PC suite that offers numerous features to manage and organize Android devices is MoboRobo Android Manager. With a user-friendly interface, it enables you to transfer contacts for backup purposes. It supports Android as well as IOS. 


Hence these are some best Android PC suites that you can use for backing up your data. 

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