(100% fix)how to fix err_connection_timed_out windows 10 &11

When many people are using Chrome in Windows 10 or 11, they see the error of err_connection_timed_out, which causes problems in web suffering. So today we tell you the simple steps that you can easily fix err_connection_timed_out for windows 10 and 11.

how to fix err_connection_timed_out windows 10 and 11


When the server gets too much time to answer your request and fails to browse your required site. In such case google Chrome will show a very nagging error.

This webpage is not available ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT or This site cannot be reached ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.

It is a normal and irritating mistake in Google Chrome. While visiting a website, there are many reasons of showing this error connection timed out message.

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err_connection_timed_out windows 10 and 11 causes

There can be different causes that are responsible for connection error timed out. I am going to mention some most common errors below;

  1. Server is not connected with internet
  2. Internet connection might be slow
  3. URL  of the website is invalid
  4. Windows Firewall setting is invalid
  5. Your required files are corrupted
  6. DNS is not responding
  7. May be hosts blocked some specific files
  8. Antivirus is blocking specific sites

Solution strategies;

The solution strategies rely on whether the ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error shows up on only one or specific websites and other websites are loading fine, or if it affecting all other websites.

How to Fix err_connection_timed_out windows 10 and 11?

It is a very common and not threatening error. To solve or fix err_connection_timed_out windows 10 and 11 is not a big issue. You can resolve it by following one of the following useful solution strategies. I am going to discuss basic solutions to fix connection error. These are;

1-Check your internet Connection;

If you are getting such kind off issues firstly make sure your server or system is connected with internet.

The system should receive a good amount of signal strength from the device which is providing the internet connection.

2-Run troubleshoot problems

All the Windows have a Network Troubleshooter, which allows users to run network troubleshoot problems to specify any network-related error on the system and it can provide efficient solutions.

3-Clear Cache Memory;

The cache memory is a memory that stores the connection details and all the information of the website. Go into the settings and clear cache memory, in this way the data is reloaded on the system and it helps to fix this error.

Open browser then click on the menu of the chrome, go into the settings, click on clear browsing data.

You will show a dialogue box, click on “clear data”. It will help to fix this type of errors.

Images are showing under to understand easily.

4-Check Firewall Settings of the windows

Firewall plays a defender role for any window for its users.it blocks threats and unwanted sites to the system. But sometimes, it also blocks certain websites from opening in the chrome browser.

5-Check proxy and LAN server settings

Often the ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error can be due to the invalid proxy and LAN settings in Windows 10 and windows 11. Disabling the proxy settings should fix the issue.

We don’t normally use a proxy server unless you need it. If your proxy settings are not working of the server, or that in rare case the proxy is not exist in the first place, set your proxy server for connection.

  • Click on start Manu
  • Go to the internet options
  • Keep your cursor on connection tab
  • Click on LAN setting button

A dialogue box will appear. Now check whether the “automatically detect settings” and “use a proxy server for your LAN” is unchecked and disabled, if not then unchecked the both.

Following pictures will guide you to proxy settings.

6-Download VPN

You can also fix this such kind of errors and get easily access on all websites by downloading VPN software. Through this software the websites are connected to a network masking its IP.

7-Check Windows Host File

To fix the Err_connection_timed_out error by modifying host file. You just need to make few changes in host file and remove extra website IP added from the host file.

8-Check Antivirus software

May be antivirus involve in connecting error. In often cases antivirus software blocks some certain threatening websites. To solve this problem, switch off your protection temporarily. Visit the site to see whether your problem is solved or not.

If solution not found;

In spite of trying all above mentioned solution if you get fail to fix “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT” error then call your ISP and talk to them. because sometimes ISP  blocks certain websites.


In this article we discuss about a very common error “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT” .its causes and its solution to fix this error and this error is not due to window bugs, it is found only in Chrome browser.

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